Liverpool based four-piece Venus Demilo are discussing what it is to be twenty-something in 2015. Their music lays their lives out for all to see. Combining a potent energy with pop melodies, Venus Demilo asks questions about how to find your way in our modern world.

10 years ago the world was a very different place. Gone are the days of the well-trodden path; the path doesn’t really exist anymore. Venus Demilo are part of a generation working it all out from scratch.

The band started playing together in early 2014 when members Reuben, Chrissie, Ryan & Tom decided they wanted to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. 18 months later, guitarist Reuben has commented “it was pretty tough to work out what it was all about at the start because we’re all such different musicians but the point we’re at now it’s hard to imagine playing anything else. Because we had to put so much time into working out how each other work at the start we’re now in a position where the tunes keep coming out with this very distinctive ‘Venus Demilo’ sound”.

‘Sophia’ began with a late night stumbling through Reddit. Among all the usual anecdotes and memes, there was one story that stood out above the rest. A tragic tale of how a girl had passed away after her addiction had spiralled out of control. During her depression, this girl had become obsessed with spirituality and became increasingly dependent upon an intangible being - Sophia.

This was a sensitive subject, the band noted how difficult the process of writing became. They knew they wanted to share the story and open a dialogue surrounding the issues of drug abuse, depression and suicide. They were also aware that it is not a subject that should be treated lightly. The video is a reflection of this: the choice to have dancers communicate the relationship between Sophia and the girl seemed to be the best means of conveying the story to Venus Demilo’s audience.



‘Sophia’ is due for release on Friday 11th December.